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to australia for report. three men of somali descent are arraigned in new york. president obama continues the controversial practice of rendition, secretly detaining, transporting, and holding prisoners overseas. part two of our exclusive interview with sami al-hajj, the of jazeera journalist imprisoned and tortured at guantanamo for six years. >> when i was in guantanamo, i asked myself maybe it is a good chance for me to be a journalist in guantanamo to be a witness. [indiscernible] >> we speak with the al jazeera journalist at al jazeera headquarters in doha, qatar. all of that and more coming up. this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. new figures have confirmed 2012 was the hottest year on record for the continental united states. on tuesday, the national oceanic and atmospheric administration announced an average temperature for 2012 of 55.3 degrees, one degree above the previous record and 3.2 degrees more than the 20th century average. temperatures were above normal in every month between june 2011 and september 2012, a 16-month stret
and the timeline president obama is urging to get new gun legislation into law. >> one of the newest city council members in oakland wants do use a controversial police tactic to get guns off the street. gallo says he supports strategies that include stop and frisk. police have the authority to stop and frisk someone if they have suspicion the person is breaking the law or armed. opponents say officers take the practice too far and a judge rules similar program in new york city was unconstitutional. >> candlelight vigil is planned outside st. francis hospital for a young mother set on fire, starr lamare. she will be in the hospital for severe burns for the face and throat. the boyfriend set her on fire and remains in the san francisco county jail facing charges of arson and attempted murder. >> we have traffic and weather together next on abc7 news. the san mateo bridge shows track looking to be heavier now but still flowing. it is not foggy this morning but it could get wet today. certainly we have the cold air coming in and mike nicco will have the forecast and the commute is next. >> the landm
, new talk from the obama administration that the u.s. could decide to pull all remaining troops out of afghanistan by the end of next year. the deputy national adviser for strategic communication would not rule that out during a conference call with reporters. >> that would be an option we would consider because again the president does not view the negotiations as having a goal of keeping u.s. troops in afghanistan. >> the pentagon said thousands of troops may be needed beyond 2014 to contain al qaeda who currently has 66,000 troops there. all of this comes with president obama scheduled to meet with hamid karzai friday at the white house. karzai is in washington and will meet with a group of senators including mitch mcconnell. joining us is retired four-star ynl and vote who served twice in i wack. thank you very much for joining us. general, i will start off with you. many intricate or believe that the president's choice in john kerry and check hagel indicate withdrawing more troops and leaving far fewer in that country and as we move forward with other possible conflict
whether it has something to do with the obama care law, which will bring big changes next year. >> they know they're going to have a lot of changes and lose some business and get new business anyway. it may be that this is the best strategy for them to maximize profits for this year. >> reporter: the insurance companies insist they are not profiteering and say higher premiums are the result of simple math and a few early costs of obama care. >> premiums are going up because costs are going up. two, because of the population that's being served, is it older and sicker versus younger and healthy, and three, the new requirements with respect to regulatory issues as well as benefit, new benefits requirements. >> reporter: and they warn that with added requirements and taxes under the new health care law, some consumers can expect significant increases again next year. lisa myers, nbc news, washington. >>> still ahead, as we continue on a tuesday night, the news tonight about alcohol, women, and the increasing health risks they face. >>> and later, why some serious people are saying
. >> vice president biden will meet with the nra and other gun owner's groups tomorrow. president obama thes the new policy proposals on his desk by the end of the month. >> and. >>> the labor secretary is leaving the obama administration n. an e-mail message, she submitted her resignation let or wednesday afternoon and made the decision to leave after discussing it with her family and close friends. >>> the white house chief of staff is expected to replace treasury secretary tim geithner. white house officials have not confirmed it but sources are saying that president obama will choose this man, jack lou, to lead the treasury department. an announcement could come by the end of the week. he previously led the office of management and budget and oversaw international economic issues at the state department. >>> more details are coming in now about the presidential inauguration. the inaugural poet is richard blanco. he's the gay son of cuban american exiles whose work explores his family's experiences and in a new country. the inauguration is monday january 21st. [ singing ] mesh, america. >
kind of does. the last two things that president obama signed into law at the new year were the fiscal cliff thing and the pentagon bill. and the pentagon funding bill includes a big new hard-fought provision over whether women who are in the military who are raped can have access to abortion. this is a live policy issue being debated and hanged as a matter of policy right now. in the defense bill that was just signed by president obama, female troops can now receive medical coverage for abortions that are the result of rape. that is a change in policy that is brand-new. previously, the only abortions that were covered for our military servicewomen were in cases where her life was in danger. not anymore. and this is a huge deal in the u.s. military, because it turns out this is a huge problem in the u.s. military. in 2011, a little more than 2,000 cases of sexual assault were reported by female service members. the actual number when you include cases that go unreported is estimated by the pentagon to be more like 19,000. 19,000 cases of rape and sexual assault in the military every ye
on news4 at four, even president obama is on board about a prime time comedy with >>> we remember the moment. four years ago, president obama and the first lady had their first official dance by a live performance by beyons same the singer will perform again at the inauguration. this time, singing the national anthem. kelly clarkson singing "my country 'tis of thee," james taylor will perform "america the beautiful." >> we note men knew for the traditional lunch congress hosts inside the capitol after the president and vice president are sworn n the first course will be steamed lobster with new england clam chowder. the main course is hickory-grilled bison. the third course, apple pie with sour cream ice cream, aged cheese and honey. new york state wipes will be served with every course. the menu was created with the help of a catering company from arlington called design cuisine. >>> let's just stay calm. >> does the president know? >> the new nbc sitcom "1600 p n penn." in a matter of minutes, the president will host the cast and crew for a screening it follows the adventures o
game and entertainment industries are also plans. this is all part of the panel president obama created following the sandy hook elementary shooting. new york mayor michael bloomberg, a strong supporter of tighter gun laws, is advising the vice president. >> secretary of state hillary clinton is expected to testify later this month on the deadly september 11th of salt and libya. clinton has been scheduled to testify last month but she fell during an illness and suffered a concussion. if she was recently hospitalized for a blood clot. clinton returned to work on monday. she had promised to appear before the senate and the house foreign affairs panel before stepping down from her job. president obama has nominated senator john kerry to replace her. >> still ahead on kron 4 morning news. a new iphone may be in the works and it is likely " cheaper " than the one you already have. it is incredible on video. a great white shark sighting off the coast of florida. how'd it is helping researchers is coming up next. it is a judgment day for barry bonds. he will find out his hall of fame fate. mar
will meet with the n.r.a. biden has been asked by president obama to come up with new ideas to reduce gun violence. what happens when a president has to miss his own swearing-in ceremony? new problems have grounded two of boeing's new dream liner jets. and the search for a missing masterpiece comes to an end when the cbs evening news continues. continues.ut then i read an article about a study that looked at the long term health benefits of taking multivitamins. they used centrum silver for the study... so i guess my wife was right. [ male announcer ] centrum. always your most complete. hey america, even though they don't need one wes, clay, and demarcus tried on the depend real fit briefs for charity to prove how great the fit is even while playing pro football. the best protection now looks, fits and feels just like underwear. get a free sample and try one on for yourself. i've always had to keep my eye on her... but, i didn't always watch out for myself. with so much noise about health care... i tuned it all out. with unitedhealthcare, i get information that matters... my individual
day meeting with president obama that starts next week. >> so sobering news from the national oceanic and atmospheric administration. 2012 was the hottest year on record in the lower 48 states. with an average temperature at 55.3 degrees. now that shattered the previous record set in 1998 by a full degree while the majority of the country saw above average temperatures including las vegas and boise, cities like los angeles and seattle saw below average readings. 2012 was the second worst year for extreme weather events. human activity especially the burning of fossil fuels is contributing to changes in the u.s. climate. >>> today, the debate over what to do over gun violence continues in washington with the launch of vice president's biden's task force. yesterday, gabrielle giffords marked the two-year anniversary of the shooting which she narrowly survived by joining the call for more action. nbc's tracie potts joins us live with the details. tracie, good morning. >> reporter: richard, good morning. congresswoman giffords marking the occasion with a push for gun safety. she's going a
at a new barack obama. you know the expression let reagan be reagan. i think we're seeing barack obama be barack obama. an in your face challenge to the right wing. he's putting in a guy who knows the lessons of vietnam and iraq and putting him out front, making him his point man as he goes into the war of hawkish republicans who count the months between wars as an unwanted time-out. who like nothing more than the next war to fight. meet barack obama two. he's going to run the way he believes to do it. i like it. i think there's one guy out there by the way ironically rooting for obama. it's the guy who got used by the hawks, saw his place ruined by their lies. his name is george w. bush. and he's sitting down there in texas watching the same old predictable crowd of war hawks trying good their number one more time. only this time there's someone in the white house wise to their game. joining me now is msnbc plienl analyst david corn from mother jones. and john fehry. you can throw in your ideas. my idea is this. he picked chuck hagel after watching two or three weeks of him trying to
" this morning. that notes that obama's new administration looks to be basically all male. there is a concern that women are underrepresented. how would you respond to that criticism? >> well, i would agree with that somewhat. we saw valerie on the front page. within the white house. she's the only senior woman. i have a lot of respect for her. but it would be nice to see more diversity, both in the cabinet and in the white house. so i hope this is something that they've focused on going forward. with that said, you know, you need to look at qualifications, too, and people that the president has confidence in. but i would like to see more women. perhaps in the white house, internally in the white house. >> sheila, are you joining us on a week where major banks are putting even more legacy problems behind them to some degree? varying degrees. we've seen what the stocks have done in the past year. we've seen them leading things like the dow. are you surprised or impressed by their progress? >> well, i'm relieved. i still think there are a lot of challenges ahead. the mega banks stocks continue
say he could present findings next week. mr. obama indicated support for among other things ban on assault weapons. new restrictions on magazines and loophole free background check. national data base to track weapons and increase mental health efforts. >> there is a wide consensus in the gun safety area that should be done around the table. >> he will meet with the other side, even an official from the national rifle association that opposes attempt to restrict gun rights. they proclaimed january 19 gun appreciation day. they want a big show of support at gun show, stores and shooting ranges. the group leader said if the american people don't fight back now, obama will do to the second amendment what he did to the first. gut it without a moment's thought. after the meeting they fired back at opponents. >> the debate over the second amendment is a distraction that gun lobby is trying to create from a sensible discussion of real solution that the american public supports. >> the nra and other pro gun groups insist on examination of culture, specifically the video game industry. >
a new threat comes along. what they want, to borrow a phrase from president obama, is some balance where all the cuts don't come out of weapons. >> reporter: if balance means trimming military personnel costs, hagel will have to sell it with his former colleagues on capitol hill. that means explaining why it's now a good idea to cut back the kind of military pay raises hagel supported when he was in the senate. darren gersh, "n.b.r.," washington. >> well, job growth here in the u.s. is best described as modest. there are at least new jobs being created each month. the same cannot be said in europe. another 113,000 people lost jobs in november, pushing the unemployment rate up to a new high. new figures have the e.u.'s jobless rate hitting 11.8%, 18.8 million people going without work. the highest is in spain, where a quarter of its working population is unemployed. youth unemployment is at a record high, and exports from germany and france are falling. it is among the top risks for investors here. ian, happy new year. we have seen u.s. stock prices climb to five-year heights, despite the
of the day. here's hari sreenivasan. >> sreenivasan: president obama is ready to name a new treasury secretary-- his own chief of staff, jack lew. it was widely reported today that the announcement will come tomorrow. lew played a key role in the recent fiscal cliff negotiations with congress, and he previously headed the office of management and budget. if confirmed by the senate, lew would replace timothy geithner who's stepping down later this month. labor secretary hilda solis submitted her resignation today, after four years on the job. she made the decision public in an e-mail message. labor unions have praised solis for aggressively enforcing wage laws and job safety. business groups have complained she refused to take a more cooperative approach. american international group will not join a shareholder lawsuit over its federal bailout. a.i.g.'s directors said today they were legally obligated to consider taking part, but they opted against it. the company had faced mounting criticism since news of the suit broke. the 2008 rescue of a.i.g. cost $182 billion-- the largest of th
into stocks. suzanne pratt, "n.b.r.," new york. >> susie: chuck hagel, the man president obama has nominated to lead the defense department, has called the pentagon bloated and warned the agency has not made important strategic decisions. his nomination comes as lawmakers have been looking at taking a trilli out of dens spending over the coming decade. but as darren gersh reports, hagel may be forced to cut a lot more than that. >> reporter: former senator chuck hagel is a vietnam vet, so when he accepted the president's nomination as secretary of defense, it was fitting his thoughts turned first to the troops. >> these are people who give so much to this nation everyday with such dignity and selflessness. >> reporter: but if he is confirmed, one of hagel's toughest jobs will be deciding how much to cut back the size of the military and the size of military paychecks. that won't be easy. >despe all the nspicy theories about the defense industry, it's actually a lot easier to cut weapons than to cut personnel costs. when you try to cut military pay and benefits, you run into a buzzsaw on capi
: jonathan hunt in new york city tonight. jonathan, thanks. a republican senator is threatening to block president obama's choice for the cia director this time in the white house hands over more information about that attack in benghazi. the president nominated his counter terrorism advisor john brennan. did so yesterday to take over the agency where he spent 25 years. the south carolina republican senator lindsey graham tells fox news he will not vote to confirm anybody for the job until he gets answers to more than 100 questions about benghazi. >> this administration stone walling to congress. they are trying to get benghazi behind them politically in their rear view mirror. i'm going to stand firm to get the basic answers that should have been given to the congress months ago. >> it would be unfortunate, i think, if in pursuit of this issue, which was highly politicized, the senate would hold up the nomination of john brennan to be director of the central intelligence agency. >> shepard: it's not only benghazi. brennan is also facing criticism about the droning of terror suspects. te
. i have a nonsexual political crush on you, too. >> call me any time. >> i will, my friend. >>> a new report says that president obama will nominate white house chief of staff jack lew as his next secretary treasury tomorrow. we'll look with jen psaki, jonathan capehart, and hans nichols, who first broke the treasury news. >>> plus, christie's big state of the state media tour raises new questions about the state of the gop. we will talk party problems and hell no politics. >>> and aig looks into the mouth of a gift horse. ezra klein on bailouts, lawsuits, and the future on financial regulations. all that when "now" starts in a mere 190 seconds. roadside assistance is there 24/7. oh dear, i got a flat tire. hmmm. uh... yeah, can you find a take where it's a bit more dramatic on that last line, yeah? yeah i got it right here. someone help me!!! i have a flat tire!!! well it's good... good for me. what do you think? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
of chris christie's thinking, he has to win re-election in the blue state and with obama voters. but this is a new jersey guy, in a certain level he cares more about his state than just the day to day politics. and the 2016 politics, so a certain amount of it is to apply pressure on the republicans. i do think it will die down after that. but at the same time the pressure to continue being chris christie who defines himself a little bit against washington republicans will continue through at least a little bit of this year. and it will be interesting to watch, if he does have designs on 2016, how can he sort of navigate back to being a hero to conservatives, after spending a year doing this. i am not sure he can. >> krystal if he has designs on the vice president nomination, he could get that because he doesn't have to get over any republican hurdles. but it does seem as if he is raising hurdles for himself in what would be a presidential primary. >> i think so because there are republicans out there who blame the combination of sandy and chris christie for obama's victory. whic
in this country. rita williams, ktvu news. >>> more details on the gun control debate. the national gun association says that it will send representatives to those meetings. president obama set the vice president as head of the association against violence. >>> james holmes is the man accused of killing 12 people inside a movie theater. >> they are saying someone is shooting in the auditorium. >> reporter: the call from the theater in aurora lasted 27 seconds with the caller drowned out by the sounds of gunshots. 30 gunshots were heard in that one call alone. today an fbi agent took the stand and described a massive booby trap in the suspect's apartment. it included smokeless powder and live rounds. >>> mcclain wears number 55 he was pulled over for a window tint violation in decatur alabama. he lied about his identity and was arrested. mcclain was previously arrested for firing a gun right next to a man's face also in decature. >>> the parents of the debate group pflag died in her home. jeanne ma nford was a teacher turned activist after her son was beat to death during a demonstration
's where he works. schmidt and former new mexico governor richardson are on a visit. >>> the obama administration suggesting it may pull out all american troops in afghanistan at the end of 2014. currently there are 66,000 american troops in afghanistan. a total withdraw could open the way for a return to power of the taliban. the no troops comment by a national security advisor could be part of the a negotiating strategy when president obama meets with afghan president on friday. >>> venezuelan officials say hugo chavez will not be able to attend his scheduled inauguration. the president of venezuela has been undergoing cancer treatment. >>> there are other stories making news around the world tonight. in peru a chinook helicopter crashed in the jungle killing the five americans and 2peruvian crew members on board. none of the americans were from california. the chopper was headed to an oil rigging location. witnesses say it lost control shortly after lift off. >>> in australia, scores of wildfires are burning in several states as temperatures soar to record highs. the fires have
our freedoms are at stake and our constitutional rights are at stake. >> reporter: president obama has tasked vice president biden with delivering new proposals to curb gun violence. this week he is getting input from victim groups and gun owners. a national rifle association representative will be at thursday's meeting. the vice president will also sit down with representatives from the videogame industry. the president has also asked the task force to look into ways to improve mental health. in washington, danielle nottingham, cbs 5. >>> meanwhile, in newtown, connecticut, local businesses are getting a $500,000 grant from the state. it's supposed to make up for lost business after the school shooting last month. road closings and crowds paying their respects at the memorials shut down as many as 16 businesses around town for almost two weeks after a gunman killed 20 students and six educators at sandy hook elementary school. >>> heart-wrenching 911 calls from the colorado movie theater massacre were played at a preliminary hearing for suspect
safety organizations. we are live in washington, dc, with the latest. >> good morning, kristen. the obama administration does not want to lose momentum for new gun legislation. they think now is the time to act. the vice president is bringing together all the stakeholders at the white house this week. >> the white house is speeding up efforts for a consensus on new gun legislation. a task force on gun violence headed by vice president biden meets this week with people on both sides of the gun debate: victims groups and gun safety organizations today and the national rifle association and gun owner groups on thursday. >> it is not a problem that can be solved by any specific action but includes mental health issues, education, as well as access to guns. >> with the one month anniversary of the sandy hook elementary school approaching washington is facing pressure to take meanful action. former congressman gabrielle giffords who was badly injured two years ago is taking a prominent roam. she and her husband have launched an effort to push action on questions of mental health, high capacity
is not going away in our lifetime. in richmond, peggy fox, 9news. >> as we inch closer to the official start of president obama's second term we learned another member of his cabinet plans to step down. secretary of labor hilda solis says she plans to return to california. her departure means that as of right now just attorney general eric holder, health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius, and one other member plan to statement. >>> coming up, details on a property tax hike that's about the hit one of the area's most congested corridor. and a machete wielding mama catches a crook red handed. >>> still to come, changing the face of one of the most popular board games in the country. top. >> a cold front pushing through today but another day above average, and every day we get above average we're in good shape. 50 was the high official at national, 34 was the low. another night above freezing. .01 of an inch fell today. we're really behind, though, in rainfall. we'll come back and talk about if this cold front is going to cool us off. >>> but first, a ferry misses the mark and cras
from washington. good morning, tahman. >> reporter: good morning, sunny and rob. the obama administration does not want to lose momentum for new gun legislation. they think now is the moment to act. so, the vice president is bringing together all of the stake holders this week at the white house. the white house is speeding up efforts to reach a consensus on new gun legislation. a task force on gun violence, headed by vice president biden, will meet with victim groups and gun control advocates today. and gun owners groups on thursday. >> it's not a problem that can be solved by any specific action. it encompasses mental health, education, as well as access to guns. >> reporter: with the one-month anniversary of the shooting at newtown, connecticut, approaching, washington is pressured to take immediate action. gabby giffords who was injured by a gunman two years ago, is taking a prominent role in the gun debate. giffords and her husband have pushed for congressional action, on mental health, high-capacity gun magazines and background checks to purchase a gun. >> i bought a
liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? >>> in his first post-election news conference this november, president obama voiced concerns about climate change. >> i am a firm believer that climate change is real, that it is impacted by human behavior and carbon emissions, and as a consequence, i think we've got an obligation to future generations to do something about it. we haven't done as much as we need to. >> can this president and can this congress do anything to turn down the heat? we'll discuss next. so if you have a flat tire, dead battery, need a tow or lock your keys in the car, geico's emergency roadside assistance is there 24/7. oh dear, i got a flat tire. hmmm. uh... yeah, can you find a take where it's a bit more dramatic on that last line, yeah? yeah i got it right here. someone help me!!! i have a flat tire!!! well it's good... good for me. what do you think? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >>> 2012 was the hottest year on record in the u.s., making history with an average temperature 55.3 degrees fa
to the upcoming fight. and team obama and sen the democrats are going all out for new gun controls. tomorrow, vice president biden is going to meet with organizations and thursday he is going to the nra. all this suspect senator feinstein plans to go after h d handguns. let's talk. we have blake zeth and we may get jeannine turner. blake, the thing that blows we aw away, no handguns are you kidding me? look, i'd like to make a few changes myself. but what is that all about except a violation of the second amendment. >> i haven't seen the agreement. look, i think at the end of the day, the house is controlled by the republicans. and they are not in favor of the gun safety legislation. they are going to have to change some minds. reaching out to gun owners not alive with the leadership with the nra and fun nevmanufactures. but reasonable gun owners like my father-in-law who likes to hunt but doesn't mind that people have to submit to a background check to get guns. those are the people that we need to make change. >> i think they are going to go beyond restrictions on assault weapons and beyond the
in new york, governor cuomo plans to call on his state to pass one of the toughest bans on assault weapons in the country. >>> another cabinet shake-up in the white house. president obama is expected to name chief of staff jack lou to be the next's next finance chief. the president may make it official by tomorrow. if approved, lou would be the second treasury secretary during his administration. he would replace timothy geithner. lou was a former budget director for president obama and president clinton. >>> for the second time in four decades, now new members will be inducted into major league baseball's hall of fame. among the players up for first ballot star-crossed giants slugger, of course, barry bonds. he only received 36% of the vote from the baseball writers association of america. cy young pitcher roger clemens got 38%. sammy sosa was denied. he only got 12%. all three players were linked to steroids during the storied careers. >>> more than just a sugar rush. still to come, the link between sweet drinks and depression. >> not only
to hear about this amazing deal >> new higher rates would hit those earning above $400,000 a year. $450,000 for couples. >> jon: wow. republicans' crafty negotiating got obama to move from his $400,000 a year offer to the exact same thing. the important thing is we have a deal. taxes raised a bit but no sequester. we saved the lady. but we ourselves had tied to the track. >> the plan would also delay across-the-board spending cuts for defense and most federal agencies. but only for two months. kicking the can on tough decisions to reduce government spending >> jon: did i say save? i meant moved her a half mile further down the track. so these massive spending cuts will coincide with another debt ceiling battle. is there anything in this debacle that we can all agree on? >> house speaker john boehner had kind of a rough week here. the at a party folks not happy with the deal that he struck >> the president was able to get the speaker to undo everything he had promised he would do >> where are you? mr. speaker, we need leadership. >> tonight i am ashamed, shame on you, mr. speaker. >> jon
, president obama is hosting a watch party at the white house for a show about the white house. we'll explain. >>> it is a case of art imitating life. a new show catching the eye of our commander in chief. today president obama will hold a private screening of 1600 penn. members of the cast and crew including josh gad will attend the screening. it was co-created by the president's former speech writer. you can see the first episode tomorrow night at 8:30 right here on nbc bay area. a new episode will air in its regular time slot at 9:30. >>> now, before we go, we want to talk to you a little bit about the bobble heads. >> yeah. the warriors. they're actually on a tear this season. doing well. >> yes. look at this little guy. it's stefan curry, number 30. the first 10,000 people in the doors tonight out in oakland, they get this. you get this little guy. >> and it's big time online right now. it's in high demand. >> kind of a young guy too. it might be a collector's item. >> as you said, very realistic. >> very. >> thanks so much. go warriors. thank you for being with us. join us tonight at 5:
president obama will nominate white house chief of staff tomorrow as the new treasury secretary. dennis: rich edson joining us now from inside the beltway has the latest. >> we have reported announcement coming this week. meeting at the white house friday, no events planned for this afternoon leaves tomorrow is most likely for the official announcement. a source familiar with the process tells fox the reason is jack lew has that the president cited decided a major budget fis with republicans on the debt ceiling and recently somewhat perverted fiscal cliff, also budget director under president bill clinton and obama known as someone with a very deep knowledge of budgeting. before joining the obama administration, he was a chief f operating officer at the citigroup alternative investments unit reported lost money to do that, although it earned profits from betting against the subprime mortgage market and will be if the fed to confirm him in one predicts very contentious process. >> it is a bumpy confirmation process. many people have no secure treasury will tell them the truth both of fin
. if this is all part of the panel that president obama created following the sandy hook elementary shooting. new york mayor michael bloomberg, a strong supporter of tighter gun laws, is advising the vice president. >> secretary of state hillary clinton is expected to testify later this month on the deadly september 11th assault and libya. clinton has been scheduled to testify last month but she felt during an illness and she suffered a concussion. she was recently hospitalized for a blood clot. clinton returns to work on monday. she had promised to appear before the senate and house foreign affairs panel before stepping down from her job. president obama has nominated senator john kerry to replace her. >> we will be right back. [ mom ] dear chex cereal, i just had to write. you can't imagine how long i've been searching for something like this for my family. i'm amazed you make so many great flavors that are gluten free. my guys are crazy for chocolate chex and honey nut chex. for me, it's cinnamon. it means a lot to be able to give them something that's good for them, that also puts smiles on t
. >> president obama created the panel following the deadly shooting at sandy hook elementary school in new town, conn. >> new york mayor michael bloomberg is supporting tighter gun laws. >> i think all of us know that joe biden is not a shrinking violet when it comes to crime and gun problem in this country. >> wal-mart, a major seller of firearms was invited to discuss gun control with biden. they said they could not make the meeting but would continue ongoing conversations with the white house. >> i am ed spayne reporting. >> the final witness will be called today in the preliminary hearing for james holmes, the former grad student accused of killing 12 people and wounding dozens in a movie theater shooting in july. >> yesterday, authorities tested the homes spent more than two months putting together an arsenal allegedly used in the attack. >> they also say, holmes had bought tickets to the midnight ringing of the dark knight returns nearly two weeks before. >> the washington national cathedral was and began performing same-sex marriages. >> cathedral officials say the church will be among t
transporte dice que investiga el caso para determinar lo que paÓo esta vez, en la ciudad de new york diego arias, telemundo. >>> secretaria del trabajo hilda solis presentÓ la renuncia a barak obama. defensora de las familias trabajadoras dijo obama. tomÓ la decision con su familia, secretaria solis una de dos hispanos en gabinete del presidente obama. >>> el vice presidente asegurÓ que el presidente estÁ definido para poner fin a la violencia con armas de fuego, biden y el fiscal nacional se reunieron a puertas cerradas para hablar de control de armas. organizaciones incluyendo la poderosa asociaciÓn nacional del rifle. >>> hoy se cumple un mes de la muerte de jenni rivera. >>> la carta que dejÓ la cantante se podrÍa considerar sobre un testamento sobre quÉ hacer con su fortuna y el cuidado de sus hijos se piensa. ♪(mÚsica)♪. >>> es un mes del trÁgico suceso que perdiÓ la vida jenni rivera el padre de la cantante compartiÓ la cancion que un fan le escribiÓ a la diva. dice que los recuerdos del accidente aÉreo provoca nostalgia en sus familiares, especialmente en el hijo
on nbc. the new series premiere is airing tomorrow, but today president obama is hosting a screening at the white house. why would the president be hosting a screening of the show, you may ask? >> why? >> why? it may be because one of the co-creators of the show, his name is john lovett, a former speech speechwriter. he veered into politics, kind of at the intersection of both now. so an interesting screening there. the show centers around, again, this fictional president gilchrist, his four kids and one of them, this eldest son is a bit of a screwball. take a listen. >> let's fight fire with fire safety. i think we got it! >> oh, no. >> oh, no! >> president de soto, welcome to the united states. >> i just hope to avoid bodily injury. >> we'll keep you out of harm's way. >> i hope to avoid injury. >> we'll keep you out of harm's way. >> maybe try a little bit harder? >> i'm so sorry. >> looks pretty funny, brooke. we're told that the president will have the screening in about an hour from now. >> what about presidential inauguration a couple of weeks away. we've got some new details
to be the country's next secretary of defense. a new york times op ed says that president obama's pick is part after move to decimate the military according to dave brooks. chuck hagel has been nominated to supervise the beginning of this generation-long process of defense cutbacks. if a democratic president is going to slash defense he probably wants a republican at pentagon to give him political cover, and he probably wants a decorated war hero to boot, very strong words from david brooks. let's bring in steve hayes writer at "weekly standard" and a fox news contributor. good morning, steve. >> good morning, martha. martha: the strongest in that is that he would supervise the military's decline. do you think so. >> i think there is evidence to support the remarks david brooks is saying. bill burton a former deputy white house secretary and a close adviser to the president, very in close with the obama inner circle say as much in an interest view. he said we want chuck hagel there to allow us to bring through what he called huge cuts to the military. so you've got somebody close to the president wh
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